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Rose Suz is the space girl next door. She’s a creator, a storyteller with a restorative perspective and imagination. Born and raised in Montreal / Tio’tia:ke, Rose blossomed from the concrete of Villeray. She’s a flower of the Haitian diaspora.

She debuted her career in 2005 as a performer; Hip-Hop dancer, choreographer and mentor. In 2012, Rose launched her passion project PACESIX; a website in which she explored her creativity, her individuality and accessed the people. She occupied an alternative mediatic space in Montreal with her signature video portrait series. Rose offered video-branding services for Montreal’s emerging creative community for nearly 5 years.

After a decade of intensive work, a storm came in to clear the way. She needed some well-deserved rest. In this new chapter of her life, Rose is unapologetically growing her own stories and taking better care of herself.