Rose S. M. is an interpreter with a restorative perspective and imagination. She moves, translates and arranges. Born and raised in Montreal (Tio’tia:ke), Rose blossomed from the concrete of Villeray. She’s a flower of the Haitian diaspora.

She debuted her career in 2005 as a dance performer and choreographer known as SiKK/id. In 2012, she launched PACESIX: an open space for her to experiment with her camera, to explore her creativity and to share with others. Rose occupied the new media space in Montreal with her signature video portrait series. She felt compelled to go behind the camera to give the people who inspired her a unique voice.

In-between her projects, Rose offered video-branding services to Montreal’s emerging creative community for nearly 5 years. After a decade of intensive work, a storm came in to clear the way. Starting a new chapter required some well-deserved rest in order to take care of her mental health, which she did unapologetically.

33:Experimental Language, 2021 is Rose first self-published essay about her self-rediscovery journey. The story is still unfolding and being documented as we speak.